Amazon Online Earning

There are several methods to earn money online using Amazon: 1. things: You can sell things on Amazon as a business or as an individual. These could include things sold through private labels, middleman stores, or Amazon Handmade’s handmade goods. 2. The Amazon Associates Project: With this affiliate marketing scheme, you can promote Amazon products […]

Top 10 legit earning Apps.

These are 10 apps that can be used to earn money that are suitable and well-known: 1. Swagbox: It provides numerous avenues for earning money, such as doing surveys, streaming videos, purchasing online, and surfing the web. 2.Inbox Dollars:  It enables users to get paid for reading emails, viewing movies, filling out surveys, and more. […]

Understanding Ehsaas Program: Pakistan’s Initiative Towards Social Welfare

Introduction: First of all, Pakistan has long struggled with reducing socioeconomic disparity. The government launched the Ehsaas Program to solve this issue and enhance the lives of the impoverished. This comprehensive program aims to protect the most vulnerable by reducing poverty, providing financial assistance, and providing social protection. How Does the Program for Ehsaas Operate? […]

Is there any problem with Facebook today?

Yes, Facebook having some issues and logged out from all systems automatically. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook will be logged out temporarily owing to security concerns. You can not access your account. Today, March 5, 2024, is not the first time, Facebook has been blocked. This happened in the past. This issue is not happening […]

A Cure in the Code: How AI Accelerates Medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming nearly every industry, and medicine is no exception. From drug discovery to diagnostic imaging to personalized treatments, AI is helping to accelerate medical breakthroughs and improve patient care. AI Streamlines Drug Development One of the most promising applications of AI in medicine is drug development. The traditional drug discovery pipeline […]

Telemedicine Comes of Age During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telemedicine and virtual health services. As the virus spread in early 2020, healthcare systems were overwhelmed and people avoided in-person doctor visits. Telemedicine provided a way for patients and doctors to connect while maintaining social distance. Over the past two years, telemedicine has gone from a niche […]